1. Collecting information

CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. collects data every time you log on to our website, request information or send us an order. This information includes your name and surname, if you are an individual, or the company name as well as the name of the contact person in the case of a company. Also your phone number and e-mail address will be recorded, and the necessary data to issue invoices will remain in our possession.
Payments should be made by bank transfer and, if you have sent us your IBAN details, the latter will be stored in a safe way according to GDPR provisions.

2. Use of the information, safeguarding confidentiality and transfer to third parties

CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. is the sole controller of the data collected through its website; the said information will be used solely for internal purposes; it will never be sold, exchanged, transferred or conveyed to any other company for whatever reason, unless there is an official request in this regard by the authorities in charge (i.e. those investigating illicit activities, alleged frauds or potential threats to the physical safety of any subject), in the event of violations of our terms of use, or if required by law. CETRA CONGRESSI S.R.L. is entitled to ask reputable third parties to manage the website, provided they agree to keep the relevant information confidential. Your data will not be transferred or processed outside the European Union, and we will not send you any newsletter.

3. Data protection

CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. protects the safety of your personal data, according to GDPR recommendations, with which it agrees to comply. Only in-house staff shall have access to your information. All computers and servers where identifiable personal information is saved shall be kept in a safe place.

4. Cookies

Any cookies we use on our website shall not be associated with identifiable personal details.

5. Data storage

CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. will store your data for its in-house tax management procedures. If a business relation is entered, the latter provision shall be accepted automatically and irrevocably.

6. Unsubscribing

CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. will use the e-mail address which you have provided only to send updates or information regarding your order. When you ask for an estimate or a service, you irrevocably agree to our use of the e-mail addresses you have provided, as well as accepting our general terms of sale.

7. Consent

By logging on to the CETRA CONGRESSI S.r.l. website, you agree to its privacy policy as detailed above. You can exercise the right to access, rectify or erase your personal data by writing to: cetra@cetranet.it.